Zebra Incorporated is a family-owned consulting firm founded in 2006 by Megan and Chris Zacher to provide comprehensive marketing and business consulting services to small businesses and nonprofits in Denver. 

Quality Design for Print and Web

We are not an agency, although we offer the same high-quality, stunningly beautiful design work you might expect from an agency, minus the drama and exorbitant cost. When you hire Zebra, you'll receive quality, polished design work, a quick turn around, clear communication, and most importantly, creative results.

Business Consulting Services

From Accounting to Human Resources, our expertise helping small businesses and nonprofits is extensive. You need some problems solved? We’ve got as many solutions as a Zebra has stripes. Well, we don’t know exactly know how many stripes are on a Zebra, but it’s a lot – you get the point.

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After working with us, you will pontificate aloud, “How have I ever managed to get along in this world without Zebra's help?” To which we will reply, “Luckily, you are good looking.”

Contact us today and see how we can help you meet and exceed your goals.